How many times have you bought different types of products to have smooth skin that did not work, though you already bought almost the entire beauty shop? Well, today I will give you some tips for perfect skin! However always consult with your doctor before using these tips!

1. Choose the right product
Do not use lotions, cleansers or facial exfoliants with a lot of acid, since they dry out the skin. Choose the most suitable product for your skin and give preference to products that are natural.

2. Apply honey on your skin
Honey is good for many things, and it is great for cleaning and softening the skin. Apply a little honey on the face and you may see great results. In addition, there are other natural products that will help you to have smooth, clean and hydrated skin – such as coconut, almond, rosehip oil or olive oil.

3. Wash face with warm and cold water
Before washing our face with cold water, we should wash it with warm water to clean impurities from the pores. Then we should wash our face with cold water. Cold water, on the other hand, helps promote better skin moisturization and closes pores.

4. Dry face with a soft towel

We should be careful when we dry our face. When we are in a hurry, we dry our face roughly. This tends to hurt the skin; therefore, we must dry by stroking the face with the towel and then let it dry naturally.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables
Of course, we cannot forget this tip! It is very important to have a balanced diet to have beautiful skin. If we do not eat properly, we will not have a healthy skin regardless of how many skin products we use. Nothing is better for the skin than a delicious fruit and vegetable dish. Let’s try to consume several servings of vegetables and fruits a day. Also remember, that we should drink plenty of water.

6. Do Exercises
Exercise is not only good for having a spectacular body, it is also good to maintain good health and beautiful skin. When we exercise, we get rid of toxins and our cells are oxygenated.

6. Brush skin

Brushing your skin is an important part of having beautiful skin because it gets rid of dry and dead skin. Use a special brush before showering. Brush from the feet all the way to the chest. This brush can be found in any store or pharmacy.

7. Benefits of urine therapy for the skin

Some people say that urine therapy or urine treatment, is used to prevent wrinkles, blemishes and it is good for acne. If you are interested, consult with your doctor before using this treatment!
Written by: Sídney Myers