Research is fundamental to be able to point out arguments that we want to specify about something that interests us. If we are interested in trying to show facts or a situation of something that we believe is happening or has happened, we must obtain reliable information to be able to prove our points and in this way be credible. We must keep in mind that if we want to write for an intellectual world or any field, we have to prove our arguments with evidence, first to be able to educate the reader and also to keep in mind the people who might be reading our articles already will know the subject or topic.

Booth et al. (2005), states that good researchers follow the following steps so that their research is valid and understood by other readers. First, researchers must formulate questions that have meaning and significance for those who are going to read their research article, in that way, can be understood and researched more thoroughly by other people who are interested in pursuing their research topic. Second, Booth et al. (2005) suggested that, in order to do proper research, one should look for questions on problematic issues that have not yet been solved; something that is new and that motivates readers to continue researching. The authors also explain that, if researchers are interested in writing about an actual topic, such as abortion, they must look for a question about that topic that has not been researched and solved by others.

Also, the writers suggest that it is essential to look for the origin of the topic under investigation; look for the cause of why such a problem originated; If the researcher does not seek his origin, his research will not be valid, because it will not have a base. Third, with regards to obtaining sources of information, Booth et al. (2005) advised the researcher to look for articles that are understandable and reach a conclusion, if these articles meet these qualities, then it may be that they are a good source of information for the researcher. Fourth, Booth et al. (2005) exhort the researcher that it is an excellent idea to ask for opinions from colleagues or others who think they could give good suggestions.

To conclude, in addition to the authors explaining what the best steps for an investigation would be, they also describe the difference between pure and applied research. Applied research is a kind of research, which is based on something that the researcher is interested in knowing and the pure one is when the researcher wants to solve a problem with his or her research (Booth et al., 2005).

A person who is interested in doing research should look for information on the websites databases of libraries, universities, and organizations. Try to find articles and information that are approved by researchers or university professors such as peer-review journals. These articles should include the names of two or three people who have contributed to it. Finally, if researchers are interested in getting information through a book, they should read the references in the book and find them online to make sure they are valid references.

Written By: Erika Knodler
B.A in Bilingual Education and Psychology
Instagram: @erikaknodler
Facebook: /erikaknodler