If you are a mother and work, surely you feel bad every time you have to say goodbye to your children, either because they stay at home or because you have to leave them at a daycare or school. No doubt that sometimes you’ve wanted to leave work and run towards them, maybe you feel that you are the worst mother in the world for leaving them there while you go to work, but I have good news. Working mothers have a positive influence on their daughters and sons.

In an investigation conducted by Kathleen. L McGinn Business Administrator at Harvard University, it was discovered that in more than 20 developed countries, the children of working mothers tend to be more successful.

The study revealed that daughters are more likely to get a job and occupy positions of responsibility with better salaries. Men raised by a working mother, contribute more to household chores. This is the opposite of what you usually hear because people believe that being a working mother will have adverse effects on the economic and social aspects of the children’s adult life.

As McGinn explains, in the Harvard Business Review “Not only are you helping your family financially, you are also growing emotionally and professionally as well as showing your children that working at home and away from home is equally valuable for both men and women”.
Moreover, this can help women to be economically independent, and that affects individual happiness, giving them and their children more freedom to choose the life they want to have.

You may experience guilt because you are not with your children at a recital, festival or to sign a report card; however do not feel bad, go ahead. I know there will be events and, days when you cannot be with your children, but do not give up, set a goal from the beginning, a goal that not only makes you perform as a mother or as a woman but includes family well-being.

Also, remember that the quality of time that you dedicate to your children is more important than the amount of time you spend with them. Ensure that the hours you spend with your children are valuable: teach them good manners, values, and love; that at the end those will be the greatest gifts you can give them.

Written By: Giovanna Vázquez
Social Worker